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how to choose between Insurance and Surrender
blackjack insurance
Literally, insurance means betting that the dealer’s hidden card is any with a value of 10. So if the dealer shows an Ace, that means they will have Blackjack. Then insurance will pay 2 to 1 for your bet. But if the dealer does not have Blackjack, the insurance bet is lost, and the game continues as usual.

In Masino Games, this option will appear only when the open card for the dealer is an Ace.

If you want to play and win like pros, you must learn all details about the game. Let’s start with some questions and examples!

Should we pay for insurance, and what will cost?

When the dealer’s open card is Ace, the dealer starts asking for insurance for each player on the table. You can accept the insurance and pay half of your main bet.

when to buy insurance in blackjack
However, there are other ways to do it. You will have to choose 1 of these 3 options in your turn:

1. Insurance: If you chose this option, you will have insurance. When the dealer’s hidden card is a 10, the insurance bet wins. You will get 2 to 1 for your win.
However, if the hidden card is not a 10 the game continues as usual, but you will lose your insurance bet.

2. Stand: When you decide to stand, you will not have insurance or surrender, just wait and see if the dealer has Blackjack or no. If there is no Blackjack, then you can keep playing on.

3. Surrender: The surrender option means that you take half of your initial bet and surrender your hand for that game. Most of the players believe that this option is not helpful. However, if you think deeply and see the statistics, you may be impressed. For more info about surrender, you can check our ‘’What is Surrender in Blackjack’’ topic.

Which scores are better for Insurance bet?

  • When the dealer asks for insurance, you should agree, but only if your score is 20 or you already have Blackjack.
  • If your score is between 12-17, you can use your surrender option to get back half of the initial bet. Because there is a low chance to win with your average score against Ace.
  • In case you have a soft score such as 10/20 then you can have insurance. Because this is safer than a hard 20. You can even try to make double for creating a stir if the dealer has no Blackjack.

Insurance Against Blackjack (Even Money)

Most of the players get confused because they don’t know what to do in this situation.

When players have Blackjack, they can also choose to take the insurance (even money). If the dealer has Ace and you have already received Blackjack, that means you will never lose in this round.

But how about if the dealer has Blackjack too?

In this case, if you do not buy the insurance, you will be drawn with the dealer, and you get back your initial bet. It would be too bad if you don’t win even with the Blackjack hand. For this reason, we recommend you get insurance and guarantee your win.

When you buy the insurance and the dealer opens Blackjack, you take your win (1:1) from insurance. But if the dealer has no Blackjack, you already win with your hand (3:2). Both of them bring you money. Sounds tricky, right?

After all, the best way to learn the main idea of insurance is to have it by yourself. Sign in to Masino Games and have some experience in Blackjack or other casino games. You will see the purpose of it, and you can create your very own strategy.

What is Surrender in Blackjack?

Surrender is that the Online Blackjack allows a player to fold when the dealer shows Ace. If a player chooses to surrender, then the round is over. Half of the initial bet is returned even if the dealer has no Blackjack.

Remember, you have an opportunity to buy insurance when the dealer does not show an Ace. But this option is allowed by more Live Blackjack Casinos, not Online Blackjack Games.

When to Surrender?

This is an opportunity to save half of your money when you do not trust your hand. For example, if you got a score between 12-16 against the Ace. Therefore, your chances of winning the round are not good. So, you can take back half of your initial bet and surrender. It is better than losing it all.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING here is being sure you enjoy your game. Remember, this is just a game and should not be too expensive. Do not focus on winning the price and just enjoy the experience.

Note that these tips will not give you a guarantee for the win but will increase your win rate.

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