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Svara is a betting card game similar to poker. It is played with 32 cards french deck by at least 2 players. There are no teams, so it is every player for themselves. The game objective is to win the hand by having the highest valued combination of cards or by having the best betting strategy.

Dealing and Betting

In the Svara game, there is an initial mandatory bet called Ante. Players who want to participate in the particular round must pay it every time before the dealing of the cards.

After that, each player who paid the Ante receives 3 cards with the face down. Blind betting should start immediately after the dealing. The first turn is for the player sitting on the left of the dealer. Blind bets are optional. If there is a blind bet, the chips required for the next blind bet should be twice the previous one. Bling betting ends when a player decides to see their cards.

Then the normal betting begins. Players can Raise, Call or Fold. This round ends when all except one player fold, or when two or more players call and the rest fold.

Finally, it’s time for the showdown. At the end of the round, if there are two or more active players, they show their cards to determine the winner. The one with the best combination wins.

In case there are two or more winners, there is Svarka. When this happens, the round ends without splitting the pot. The ante for the next round is calculated by dividing the chips in the pot at the moment of Svarka by the number of players participating in it. The chips that remain from the Svarka are counted as ante of the players who made it. If the rest of the players want to participate, they should pay the same ante.

Card values and combinations

The cards have the following values:

  • The 7, 8, and 9 cards are 7, 8, and 9 points, respectively.
  • The 10, J, Q, and К cards are 10 points.
  • The Ace cards are 11 points.
  • 7 of Clubs is a special wildcard and brings 11 points.

The three cards in the player’s hand can form a combination:

  • Two or more cards of the same suit – Sum of their values. (Example: 7 and 8 ♠, J♡: 15 points (7+8))
  • Three cards of the same type – Sum of the values. (J♡ J♢ J♣ – 30 points)
  • Two 7 cards – 23 points.
  • Two or more Aces – Sum of the values of the Ace cards.
  • Three 7 cards – 34 points.

7 of Clubs can be used as a wildcard to form a combination. For example, 7♣ 9♠ J♠ is 30 points (11+9+10). If a player has 7♣ + two other cards of different types and suits, only the one with the higher value counts. For example – 7♣ 8♠ 10♢ is 21 points (11+10).

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