Blackjack Split

when to use it and why
when to split in blackjack
Splitting is one of the most liked features that the game allows to the players. This option gives a big chance to increase your win. But sometimes using it may be a bad idea. This is one of the things that distinguishes Blackjack from other casino games, strategy! So, you must be careful and watch out for the cards all the time.

Basically, split means that you want to divide your first two cards into 2 different hands. When you want to split, you must pay for your second hand an additional bet as much as your initial wager. Then you receive 2 new cards for each of your hands automatically from the dealer.

Now you have 2 different new hands. Not all casinos will allow you to split over and over again. However, you can hit or make double per hand as you wish.

The pairs to split

Split of Aces (Aces)

You should always split when you get a pair of aces. Splitting gives you a higher chance to get a better hand. If the dealer gives you a 10 after the split, there is a big chance you will reach a great score. If the dealer has between 2-6 or 8-9, you can choose to split this pair.

Blackjack split of Aces

Split of Eights (8s)

This is considered a split pair between the Blackjack Pro Players. Your score is 16, which is one of the most unliked hands. If you split it, you have much bigger chances to get higher scores.

blackjack split of eights

The pairs not to split

Split of Tens (10s)

This type of split is not recommended. Splitting 10s essentially has a low chance of winning. You must get an Ace to make your hand better, which is a very low possibility in the game.

Split of Fives (5s)

Splitting 5s is not a great idea. Because you already have a score of 10, and you can hit for 20 or 21. So even if the dealer has a lower card than 7, you can try to double down. Which is a much better option than split for this pair.

Split of Sixes (6s)

If the dealer shows between 2-6, consider splitting the Sixes. You will have a statistically more chance to win the round. Maybe you can get an average card and reach a high score.
However, if there is a card with a higher value in front of the dealer, just try to hit and expect a good score.

Split of Sevens (7s)

When the dealer has a card lower than 7, most of the pro players say always split the Sevens. Because it is possible to take 2 times a 10 after the split, which means a good score to win.

Exception pairs

On a few occasions, you can decide to split pairs which in general you don’t need to, considering the dealer’s open card.

Split of Nines (9s)

When you have pair of 9s, your score is 18. This is a bad score against the dealer’s 7-8-9 or 10 as an open card. You should split and try to get a higher score. Because hitting on 18 is not a correct action when you have an option to split.

blackjack split of nines

Split of Low Cards like 2s, 3s, 4s

Some pro players do not recommend splitting these pairs. However, if there is a lower card than 5 or 6 in front of the dealer, you can try to split. If the dealer shows the higher card, then just try to hit.

Differences in Blackjack Game Modes

These tips are only for Classic Blackjack Online. So better be aware that there are many variants of the Blackjack Game. For example, the Unlimited Blackjack Mode doesn’t have a player limit. You can see hundreds of players are playing for 1 place, and this game does not ask you if you would like to split. The dealer splits the pair of 6s,7s,8s,9s, and Aces automatically. And, it’s up to you if you bet for the second hand or not.

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